Thank You!!

2020... A very different and challenging year, a reimagined Ramble, the same badass community working together despite the odds!

We had no idea how this experiment was going to work but Ramblethon 2020 certainly exceeded our expectations!! We are blown away by the enthusiasm and generosity of all our online Gatherers and Ramblers! We are thrilled to announce that we have raised enough money to provide safe and dignified housing for 63 of our Veteran heroes. We're beyond honored to be part of this amazing community!! Thank You!!


Ramble 11 Redesigned!!

While we can't all gather in person this year, Ramble 11 will of course continue, and you just knew we'd come up with something crazy to pull off together. Well here it is:   

The Ramble this year will be a 24 hour livestream Gathering from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday, featuring tons of past and new Ramble artists and guests presenting music, activities, and interactive meal sessions. Our goal is to pack all of the Ramble love and chaos into one, non-stop, no-sleep Ramblethon. 

Last year we raised enough money to help 50 of our Veteran heroes off the streets and into safe and dignified housing. As you may have guessed, the need for support has never been greater, and we are committed to growing the impact our community can have on those who have sacrificed so much for us.    

Mark the day. Plan your spot. We will prep you with a supply list and a schedule. Tune in and participate for as little or as much as you can. It will be an honor to share the day with you, and by "day" we mean every single second of the August 29, 2020 calendar day :)   

Get all of the details as they unfold at and get mentally and physically prepared for what we expect will be our most ambitious and unhinged Ramble to date!