Founded by Adam Ezra & friends, RallySound has a simple mission:        TO EMPOWER COMMUNITIES THROUGH MUSIC. 





RallySound guides grassroots organizers through the logistical challenges of planning and promoting an event, connecting with a charitable cause of choice, and facilitating a live music performance. 

We've supported events built for 10 people as well as 10,000.  We send Adam and The Group out to perform at as many events as they can each year, and when their dance card is full, we do our best to connect you to other incredible, independent artists, also dedicated to empowering community.

You don't have to be a professional event organizer to do a little good for the world. 

You don't have to be an expert to be an activist. 

Talk to us if there's a cause you care about.  We want to help you do a little good for the world...

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Hosted by Rallysound & The Adam Ezra Group on Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts,  The Ramble is our annual festival, dedicated to ending Veteran homelessness in New England. 

Each year The Ramble takes place on the Saturday before Labor Day weekend.  (August 29 this year!!)

Throughout the day 2 stages showcase incredible independent artists from our community.  AEG plays a headlining set at night, and often has other Ramble artists sit in with them throughout their set. 

Non-profit organizations and makers set up in "Rambletown" hosting a variety of activities as well as demonstrating ways ramblers can engage in community activism throughout the year.  There's yoga and games on the beach and a variety of restaurants and bars, all dedicated to supporting The Ramble. 

In 2019 The Ramble hosted over 4000 people and raised enough money to help 50 homeless Veterans off the streets in New England through The New England Center and Home for Veterans

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For years Adam and The Group have been working with students to demystify the writing process, as well as help students engage in self-expression and community activism. 

From innovative writing workshops in which students use professional musicians to build songs of their own; to performance workshops with jazz bands, orchestras, and student rock musicians; to campus performances ranging from discussions on philanthropy & activism, to acoustic storytelling, to all out rock shows, we are committed to helping young minds engage-in and question the world around them, challenging them to shape our world through music and creativity.

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