Livestream Benefit for Senda Verde

Join us today, Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 7pm EST for a special Gathering Series session to benefit Senda Verde during these struggling times. 

Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary in the Bolivian Amazon is under government-mandated quarantine due to Covid-19. Without visitors to the sanctuary, they have no income to feed the animals. They need help in raising funds to buy enough food to feed over 800 animals until the quarantine is lifted.  

Without help, they won’t be able to feed the animals much longer. Please consider donating to this valuable cause. You can make a donation and read more about this amazing facility which is run by Poche's family on the RallySound- Senda Verde page.


Introducing The Gathering Series

With the cancellation of their Spring tour due to the current pandemic, the Adam Ezra Group decided to turn these scary and uncertain times into an opportunity of hope and community.

Since March 13th, Adam has been livestreaming from his home each night. He has attracted thousands of fans, all watching, singing, and sheltering in place. Sometimes Corinna, Poche and Alex join in, as well as a few surprise guest artists. These nightly hangs are called The Gathering Series and have helped to keep "the gatherers" feeling less stressed and connected to their music loving community!!


Who's Ready to Ramble?!!