Ramble Thirteen Results Are In! 

As you may know, we have been so inspired by the numbers of veteran heroes we've been able to help into safe and dignified housing through our little festival, The Ramble.  The numbers have climbed over the years, and after last year's result of 67 we were nervous about being able to surpass that this year. 

We cannot begin to do justice to how incredibly things went this year.  Amazing artists donating their time and talent, an unbelievable volunteer battalion, a virtual army tuning in from all over the world, and of course all of you who were there Rambling with us in person.  Together we have managed to raise enough money to change the lives of 98 homeless veterans here in the Northeast!! 

Thank you for proving that little by little, this community of ours has the power to have a real impact on the world. 

What a thing we are doing together...


We are so excited to share our new Ramble merch with you all! And not just new merch, we updated our Ramble logo! 

Check out our Ramble Thirteen Merch Store here

100% of the proceeds go to New England Center and Home for Veterans. Be sure to order by Saturday, August 13 if you would like to receive your merch in time for The Ramble, on Saturday, August 27. 

Whether you are Ramblin’ with us in person, or Rambling with us virtually from wherever you are in the world, we are humbled and honored by your support. For the latest on The Ramble go to: getrambled.com!


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