Love, Sweat & Tears at Timberland Headquarters

Periodically, Timberland sells sample products to their employees to clear inventory and to raise money for a non-profit organization. It was a great honor for RallySound to be selected as Timberland's sample sale beneficiary this summer.

On Tuesday, August 13 and Thursday, August 15, Timberland employees and RallySound volunteers joined forces to “Do a Little Good”. A tractor trailer full of Timberland manufacturing samples, footwear, apparel and accessories, was unloaded and organized for Timberland’s annual sample sale. At the sale, employees not only score great product at a great price, but all proceeds benefit a local non-profit organization. This highly anticipated event is close to the heart of many employees and is a creative way to put manufacturing samples to good. The overwhelming amount of money raised will help RallySound to continue growing our beloved Ramble for years to come!! 

It was inspiring and heartwarming to work closely with this amazing corporation that believes in giving back on a regular basis. The sense of community felt amongst all is exactly what this world needs. 
Special THANKS to all the amazing volunteers who donated their time, muscles, and a few laughs: Adam Ezra Group, Becky Ahern, Joan Anderson Sjogren, Kimberly Ansin, Bruce Barber, Scott Benoit, Hayden Bilda, Lisa Casey, Laura Beth Rosen Charewicz, Nancy Cotty, Mark Jackson, Saundra Jones, Cheryl Snyder Konow, Michael Konow, Chuck McKinney, Tim Robbins, Mark Turek 
We are so blessed to have such a loving and dedicated group of volunteers who continue to support RallySound's mission.

Do A Little Good


RallySound will be launching its "Do A Little Good" Pledge on the Boston Haabah Cruise on June 2nd. 

RallySound believes that music has the power to inspire communities, and small grassroots communities have the power to change the world! In the spirit of our mission, we would like to invite you to take our "Do A Little Good" pledge.

We think AEG fans are some of the kindest, most compassionate people out there. You do so many good things for others everyday...we see it all the time.

Let’s share with one another a bit of who we are, what we care about, and the change we are inspiring little by little. 

Share a picture and/or story of yourself, “Doing A Little Good” and post it with #doalittlegood to the Adam Ezra Group’s social media pages, AEG’s #$%&ing Fan page on FB, or email your story to Over the next 3 months we will be collecting these stories to feature on our website.

At Ramble 10 we will have a “Do A LIttle Good” wall where we will be featuring your stories and pictures.  You are also invited to bring your own stories to hang yourself!!



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