One Small Act - Be a Part of Our Living Video!


We’ve all picked up a piece of trash from our neighborhood before. If you’re like us though, it's hard for this one small act to feel like it really makes a difference. But what if 100 people each pick up one piece of trash? How about 1000 people? To us, this begins to feel like the perfect metaphor for our combined impact on the world around us. We’d like to see if we can turn this metaphor into action and invite you to become a part of our "living video."

Here’s what we need from you!  

  • Go out in your neighborhood or surrounding community and collect 1 or more pieces of trash. 

    • By yourself or in a group! 


  • Create a 3-5 second video on your phone: 
    • To create your video, hold up a piece of trash you’ve collected outdoors from wherever you are in the world, and say “One small act.”
      • Selfie video or video taken by someone else
      • Make sure to shoot your video in horizontal orientation!
      • Holding as little or as much trash as you have collected. Be as creative as you'd like!  


  • Email your video to RallySound at: 
    • Include your name in the email
    • Include your location in the email (where are you? City, State, Country)


Our goal is to get as many people as possible to join us in making a collective impact. Your videos will be edited together in a creative way by Team RallySound and we will continue to update our “living video” with more and more people over the weeks and months to come. You can find the video as it progresses right here on this page!


We will use whatever you send us, but here are some tips on how to shoot a perfect video:

  1. Please shoot during the day, in good light, so we can see your faces! 
  2. Clean your lens with a soft cloth. Remove smudges. 
  3. Please shoot your video in High Definition 1920x1080 (or 4K). If you’re not sure how click on this link for  iPhone instructions 
  4. Shoot in horizontal orientation - think wide TV (not Instagram) 
  5. Hold it steady. No erratic movements. 
  6. Audio is important! Be close to the camera microphone. If outdoors speak loudly. 
  7. There’s no need to edit or trim the video. Send as is! We’ll fix it here. 
  8. Have fun with it and thank you!


Special thanks to all of our participants and Gifford Productions for editing our living video!!

    Founded by Adam Ezra & friends, RallySound believes that music has the power to inspire communities, and that small grassroots communities have the power to change the world.