Ramble Year 7 – Supporting Families Of Our Fallen Heroes

 May 1, 2016 |

2016 Ramble Header

The Ramble is a free, all-ages, concert event on the beach, raising money for veterans in need through donations and sponsorship.  Founded by Adam Ezra and his non-profit organization RallySound, this is the seventh consecutive year of The Ramble.  Not only does the Ramble feature a special Adam Ezra Group concert, it also includes “Ramble Town.”  A walk through Ramble Town provides an interactive experience involving various non-profit organizations that are on-hand to share information about their missions, events, and how people can get involved.  Ramble Town also includes beach yoga, games, activities, and features live music from 7 other socially conscious bands on two stages.  Empowering Ramble attendees with information and inspiring them to take action for a cause is a big part of the Ramble’s mission.

All net proceeds from this year’s Ramble will be donated to The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund (MMHF).  MMHF offers financial assistance for military families whose ability to provide for themselves has been compromised by the grief of losing a service member.  Often times, military benefits are not made available to all family members who need them.  MMHF fills in the benefits gap for these military families.

Micro-grants will be awarded to military families in need.  MMHF helps reduce the financial stress on families who have lost a loved one in the service.  Awarding small grants to help make ends meet, enables families to focus on rebuilding their lives.

Did you know… 

  • Bereavement experts report that for each active duty military loss, an average of 10 people are significantly impacted.  In the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, an estimated 68,360 family members have been significantly impacted. (1)
  • Since 9/11, more than 16,000 uniformed service members have died on active duty.  97% of those killed have been male.  (2)

Ramble attendees will also have the chance to sign up and volunteer with MMHF to put together care packages in September for active duty military over seas.