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Founded in 2011 by Adam Ezra, the mission of RallySound is: to inspire communities, grassroots activism, and civic engagement by helping create and organize socially conscious live music events.

Giving back to your community should be a simple, mainstream, and fun way to spend your recreational time.  RallySound was created to support YOU and the causes that YOU care about!

RallySound helps to bring awareness to the many ways you can activate within small and large communities by creating and publicizing programs that connect grassroots music events, social groups, and non-profit organizations.

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RallySound guides grassroots organizers through the logistical challenges of planning and promoting their event, connecting with their charitable cause of choice, and facilitating a live music performance.

RallySound wants to support YOU in championing a cause that YOU care about!  Contact us and tell us about the event you would like to put together.

Want to throw a BBQ for your friends?  Awesome!  Make it a food and clothing drive for your local homeless shelter while you’re at it!  Enjoy the day with your friends while helping others in need.  Give us a call, let’s figure out where and when, we’ll bring a band! 

Know someone who’s going through a tough time and could use a little financial assistance?  Let’s help them!  Get in touch with us, we’ll help you plan a fundraiser.  You bring your friends and family, we’ll bring a band!

Running a race for your favorite charity and need to raise some dough?  Amazing!!  We want to help you reach your goals!  Shoot us an email.  Together we’ll plan a cool live music event!  You bring your people, we’ll bring a band!

What is your cause?

Where and when would you like to have it?

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The Ramble is RallySound’s annual benefit concert with Adam Ezra Group.  It’s an all-day grassroots concert event, raising money for a different cause each year.  It is created and shaped by those who are passionate about music, activism, and building community.

Prior to the concert, all attendees are invited to the “Pre-amble”; a pre-concert celebration with interactive games, sponsor giveaways, food, live music by several local, socially conscious bands, and so much more!  In addition, various non-profit organizations are on hand sharing information about their missions, events, and how folks can get involved.  Empowering Ramble attendees with information about the community around them and how they can activate is what the Ramble is all about!

The Ramble – Year 7 August 27, 2016

Check out www.getrambled.com for the latest updates. 


RallySound and Adam Ezra Group have created an innovative creative writing workshop that leads students through the songwriting process from conception to reality.  The band demonstrates their own collaborative approach, discusses songwriting strategies, and then works together with students to create an original song from scratch.  The emphasis of the workshop is to show that the creation of music for radio and television is really no different from the creative writing and poetry students work on in English class.  Adding music to the writing experience lends a diverse take on the process of student self-expression.  The student-centered approach of this workshop incorporates a variety of learning styles, always engaging the participants to take active roles in the process and students love it!